Sunday, February 19, 2006


Dick Cheney: Upper Class Twit of the Year

Life seems more and more like a series of bad Monty Python sketch imitations. Consider Dick Cheney's Quail "hunt" in which one drives up to a batch of pen-raised birds and starts blasting away. Isn't this just a cheap imitation of the "shoot the rabbit" event in Monty Python's Upper-Class Twit of the Year sketch?

In the Monty Python sketch, the rabbits are staked to the ground and unable to move while the twits blast away. Near as I can tell, the quail "hunt" takes pen-raised birds and releases them in front of the hunters' sights. Calling this "hunting" is like driving to one of those spots where farm-raised trout are kept in artificial ponds for children to catch and calling it "fishing."

I'm surprised they don't clip the quails' wings and then load them on little skeet launchers for the hunters' enjoyment.

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