Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Bush vs. Reality, Part 3

Consider the following statement as reported by the BBC:

Treasury spokesman Tony Fratto told reporters: "Our policy is for a strong dollar and we believe currencies should be set in open and competitive markets..."

Alas, "open and competitive markets" won't result in a "strong dollar" while the US economy continues running up massive trade and fiscal deficits. This is doubly true when Bush Administration policies call for both massive spending increases and tax cuts.

With Bush, it is hard to tell where his fantasy world ends and his lying starts. Regardless, it seems clear the US Government will do nothing to stop the dollar's fall other than issue press releases.

What this means, folks, is massive across-the-board price increases in all imported goods - like oil. This will create a crisis, probably in 2005, which Bush will try and blame on Democratic obstructionists in the Senate blocking his Social Security destruction (er, I mean reform) policies.

This may well be Bush's plan - create an intentional crisis in 2005 and have Faux News lead a compliant media in telling the "red states" we must (blindly) follow the President's "Plan" to avoid total ruin. After all, the "tax and spend" Democrats would only make things worse. If FDR's New Deal* hadn't saddled us with massive Social Security "Pyramid Scheme" payments, we'd be fine now!

*Remember, Karl Rove always starts by attacking his opponents' strengths - blaming the Bush Depression on FDR's New Deal using lies and distortion is about his speed.)

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