Monday, November 15, 2004


Fallujan Civilian Casualties?

Isn't it odd that the US Papers haven't picked up this story from Bahrain's Gulf Daily News
A correspondent who drove through the city saw utter destruction. Bodies lay in the streets. Homes were smashed, mosques ruined, and power and telephone lines hung uselessly.

But a Marine spokesman said the Red Crescent did not need to deliver aid to civilians and questioned whether there were any. He said he had not heard of any Iraqi civilians being trapped inside the city (Fallujah) and did not think that was the case.

The assertion contradicted accounts from residents inside the city, where intense violence has halted medical services and made any independent assessment impossible since Monday.

It's the Bush Doctrine in action: if you deny something, it didn't happen - because you always tell the truth. Actually investigating the situation is disloyal and merely encourages the insurgents.


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