Monday, November 08, 2004


Will Florida and Louisiana be Underwater in 2008?

Probably not, but I'll bet voters in low-lying states will curse Mr. Bush's name by 2050:
From the NY Times
Climate experts and geologists say the consequences of glacial ice melting on this scale are far-reaching. The most important long-term threat, perhaps, is to the low-lying coastal cities around the world - places like New York and New Orleans...
New Orleans' problems may become tragically clear in the next few hurricane seasons:
Unfortunately, each year about 100-120 square kilometers of Louisiana's coastal wetlands are lost to open-water or nonwetland habitats because of natural and human causes (Johnston et al. 1995). Especially critical is the erosion of the barrier islands that serve as the first line of defense against hurricanes and storms and which help prevent destruction of freshwater wetlands by saltwater intrusion.
Source: USGS

Just as it took the Titanic disaster before ship designers decided lifeboats were a good idea, it will take a big disaster hitting Florida and/or Louisiana before people react to global warming. However, its never too early to start talking about how ignoring environmental damage can kill us (and our grandchildren.)


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