Sunday, December 19, 2004


Another Medal of Freedom Candidate

The most fervent spy-hunting investigator at Gitmo ruined a fellow serviceman's careers, mishandled evidence, and was a failure at his job. For this, he was given a cash bonus.
Perhaps the most aggressive was the lead Air Force investigator in the case of Airman Al Halabi, Lance R. Wega, a probationary agent who took over the inquiry after barely a month on the job. While he was later commended by superiors and rewarded with a $1,986 bonus, testimony showed that Agent Wega had mishandled important evidence.
The New York Times does not explain why Mr. Wega did not win a Freedom Medal like Franks, Tenet and Bremer. Maybe he just didn't screw up enough.

The witch (oops, I mean spy) hunt at Gitmo apparently resulted from guards' and interrogators' anger and suspicion for anyone feeling sorry for the detainees.


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