Thursday, December 23, 2004


Tragedy in Iraq

It appears that a suicide bomber carried out the terrible attack on our troops. Surely suicide bombers are the most horrifying tactic terrorists have employed to date.

It bears noting that George Bush's "war on terror" has created more terrorists than there were when he started. Suicide bombers, car bombs, booby traps and the like are loathsome tactics. So, of course, is torturing folks suspected of being "terrorists" and dropping anti-personnel bombs in civilian areas. The combatants fight on, while the civilians suffer.

If belief in human rights and tolerance of others become casualties of this war, George Bush will have helped Osama bin Ladin take us all back to the Middle Ages. Is George Bush's "return to morality" a code phrase for bringing back the good old days, when Protestants and Catholics invented new ways to torture each other to death in God's name?


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