Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Another Iraqi "Corner" Looms

Mr. Bush and Mr. Rumsfeld pushed for attacking Iraq with minimal forces. When lawlessness and looting broke out, Mr. Rumsfeld noted that "Democracy is messy." Yes, once we turned the corner from war to peace, lawlessness would die out.

When "lawlessness" turned into "insurgency", the Bush administration blamed "a few dead-enders" and Saddam loyalists. They confidently claimed the violence would end when we captured Saddam Hussein. Yes, capturing Saddam would allow us to turn the corner to a new democratic Iraq.

As violence steadily increased after Saddam's capture, the Bush Administration observed that Iraqis didn't want the US running their country. Yes, we would turn the corner as soon as an interim Iraqi government was in place.

Belatedly realizing that there were insurgents in Fallujah, and that the US presidential election was over, Mr. Bush sent US troops into the city to "root them out." After Fallujah was destroyed (er, I mean saved), the US proudly noted that we had "turned the corner on the insurgency" by depriving insurgents of a protected base.

Alas, violent attacks have increased. Today, Baghdad's governor was assassinated. However, we will have turned the corner once Iraq's January 30 election is held.

On April 8, 2004, the Washington Post observed the US had already turned five corners in Iraq. I've lost count of the corners turned in 2004 - I merely note that there's always another corner up ahead with Mr. Bush in charge.

I wonder what the next "corner" will be when the elections fail to prevent the coming Iraqi civil war? However, I'm sure Karl Rove will find a way to blame Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.


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