Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Freedom On The March

Mr. Bush's "reality-impaired" Administration is making satirical comedy a growth industry. Two examples:
Of course, the satire industry does face competition - Mr. Bush keeps trying to outdo them. Consider Mr. Bush's recent "fence-mending" trip to Canada
When President Bush flew to Canada in his first international trip following his reelection, the White House portrayed it as the beginning of a fence-mending tour to bring allies back into the fold after a tense first term. But after Bush left, the Canadians were more furious than before.

They were stunned when Bush leaned across a table in a private meeting and lectured Prime Minister Paul Martin about opposing the U.S. missile defense system. And they were later taken aback by a speech filled with what they considered the same "old Bush" foreign policy pronouncements that opened the divide with the allies in the first place.
Source: Washington Post


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