Monday, January 24, 2005


Israel Steals Arab-Owned Lands

Well, now we know why Israel's "anti-terror barrier" cut so many Arabs off from their land: Israel plans on stealing that land:
Israel has reportedly begun seizing tracts of east Jerusalem land owned by Palestinians in the West Bank under a law not used for decades.

The government is enforcing a law on absentee landowners passed in 1950, the Israeli daily Haaretz says.

Israeli lawyers acting for owners described the policy as a "land grab".

Under the law, an absentee is anyone who in 1948 "was in any part of the land of Israel that is outside the area of Israel" - such as the West Bank.

The "absentee" owners - who in some cases live only 100 metres from their land on the other side of the separation barrier - may have no right to compensation for their lost land.

Daniel Seidemann and Mohammed Dahla, lawyers acting for several of the landowners, said hundreds of other Palestinians could be at risk of having land seized.

"We're talking about land that those Palestinians in Beit Jalla have owned for hundreds of years," Mr Dahla told Haaretz. "They are not absentees... In fact, they continued to cultivate the land up until now."

The only rational explanation for this policy is that Ariel Sharon wants Hesbollah to continue terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians so that he can continue treating Palestinians the way the Nazis treated the Jews during the 1930's.


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