Saturday, February 05, 2005


Bush: Making Social Security Neither

The Billionaires for Bush web site has a great "Make Social Security Neither" press release:
"Privatizing Social Security is like a dice game, your retirement income will be based on how the market is doing when you get out. Some could lose everything, but others might win big, said Cassius King, the Billionaires for Bush Minister of Theoretical Finance. The Securities Industry Association points out that Bush's Social Security scheme will give $39 billion to securities firms over the next 75 years. King continued, "If $39 billion sounds paltry, consider that it is more than a 100,000% return on the $36 million the securities industry invested in the President's reappointment campaign. That's in the Halliburton zone!"
Billionaire Lou Tan Pillage suggests you discover your "billionaire name" by clicking here.


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