Friday, February 18, 2005


India Likes Bush's Policies

It appears that some people approve of killing large numbers of Muslims and shipping US jobs overseas:

In a recent 21-nation poll, the land of Gandhi and the Taj Mahal was one of only two countries in which a clear majority felt Bush's re-election made the world a safer place. Germany, France and Britain, among others, thought otherwise - by a wide margin.

Chief among the reasons Indians cite for liking Bush is his stance against terrorism. Indians, who've long faced terrorist attacks from separatists in Kashmir and other regions, welcome Bush's pressure on India's longtime nemesis, Pakistan, to crack down on Islamic militants trying to cross to the Indian side of Kashmir.

The booming outsourcing industry also appreciates Bush's pro-business, hands-off policy toward the shift of U.S. software, back office and call center jobs to India.
Source: Knight-Ridder Washington Bureau Poll shows Indians view Bush favorably Feb 17, 2005 (Emphasis added.)

However, not even India approves of Mr. Bush's Iraq policy:
"It's high time they withdrew from (Iraq)," said Rajneet Bhatia, 28, whose family business helps Canadian and European universities recruit students from India. "Don't forget about the loss of life. Terrorism is one thing, but war means loss of life, too."


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