Friday, February 18, 2005


No Evidence, No Torture

The US Army has apparently taken decisive action against torture - by destroying evidence proving that it occurred:

The ACLU says the documents suggest prisoner abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan has been widespread and that the military has tried to suppress the fact.

"It's increasingly clear that members of the military were aware of the allegations of torture and that efforts were taken to erase evidence, to shut down investigations and to humiliate the detainees in an effort to silence them," ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero told AP news agency.
Source: BBC US releases new abuse allegations Feb. 18, 2005.

One could almost the the impression the Bush Administration really did authorize the torture of suspected terrorists. I guess it makes sense - if they weren't terrorist sympathizers before they were tortured, I'm sure they were terrorist sympathizers after being tortured questioned using techniques Attorney General Gonzales assures us are nottorture


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