Friday, March 25, 2005


Death of a Brain-Damaged Iraqi Scientist

Another example of Republican efforts to preserve life whenever possible:
Iraq scientist jail death inquiry
The US army has opened an investigation into the death of an Iraqi scientist who died in US custody.
The US death certificate cited "brain stem compression" as the cause of death, the UK's Guardian newspaper said after seeing the document, but gave no further explanation.

The Iraqi doctor who carried out the post- mortem examination for Mr Izmerly's family told the Los Angeles Times: "It was definitely a blunt trauma injury". He added that a likely cause was a blow to the head or a fall from a height.
He was taken into US custody in April 2003 and held by the military for nine months in an unknown location.
Source: BBC March 25, 2005. (Emphasis in original)

I realize it would be rude to inquire whether this Iraqi scientist was tortured to death in a futile quest for non-existant WMDs - but shouldn't we investigate whether his death was due to having a feeding tube withdrawn after he suffered the brain damage? Surely such ardent "right-to-life" advocates as Bill Frist and Tom DeLay will immediately campaign for such an investigation...


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