Friday, March 25, 2005


Friday Jon Carroll

Jon notes:
You may remember that the Bush administration has been issuing a lot of promotional videos lately (VNRs, they're called) touting the wonders of the administration's Social Security "reforms," the amazing effectiveness of its war on drugs, and the drug provisions in the new Medicare law and how they really helped a lot of folks. There were, of course, no competing views offered, and the tapes did not reveal that they were produced by the government.
No, what actually makes me irritable is all the TV stations that ran these things without any identification at all. The government does what the government does; the news business is supposed to be better than that. The news business is supposed to believe that it has a duty to its audience. It's suppose to draw lines in the sand.

And yet here comes a propaganda film, and here's a news director saying, "Well, gosh, due to cutbacks, we have one reporter and we share a camera with the wedding-video place across the street, so let's fill 2 1/2 minutes with this slick prepackaged bit of blather." Couldn't the weather person just vamp a little?
Full column HERE (Emphasis added)

So many conservatively-biased media outlets - so few ethics...


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