Tuesday, March 01, 2005


How to Destroy Social Security in Just 6 Weeks!

From the Washington Post:
For GOP, Urgency On Social Security
White House Plans Six-Week Push

By Mike Allen
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, March 1, 2005; Page A03

White House officials are telling Republican lawmakers and allies on K Street that they must begin to overcome opposition to President Bush's proposal for changing Social Security within six weeks, GOP strategists said yesterday.

The GOP strategists stressed that the six-week goal is not a hard deadline for a political breakthrough, but they said the public's tepid view of Social Security change cannot be allowed to continue indefinitely. The directive raises the possibility that Republicans will have to reconsider whether legislation can be passed this year, as Bush wants.
If we can get Senator Lieberman to keep quiet for the next six weeks, Mr. Bush's plan to destroy Social Security via the Charles Keating "trick them into switching from government-backed funds to the care of Wall Street fast buck artists" may go down to defeat. However, Atrios and others note Senator Joe Lieberman is still trying to help Mr. Bush snatch victory from defeat by offering a compromise plan before Mr. Bush even puts a plan forward. (Any plan passed by the Senate could be re-written by an all-Republican conference committee.)

If you live in Connecticut, call Senator Lieberman and tell him to oppose any tampering with Social Security until the Democrats control either the Senate or the House - and that early retirement awaits Senator Joe unless he starts growing a backbone.


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