Saturday, March 26, 2005


More on Grover Nordquist's Poll-Driven "Values"

The issue of when to sever someone's life support can be discussed - but to push the full power of the Federal Government into a private family decision because you think it will poll well shows such complete lack of morals, ethics, scruples and judgement as to boggle the mind - especially when spearheaded by a party claiming to be "values-driven."

Viewed in this light, Tom DeLay's characterization of Terri Schaivo's husband Michael as a murderer was made not only with "reckless disregard for the truth" but were also deliberate lies spoken with malice for the purpose of deflecting attention from Mr. DeLay's moral and ethical bankruptcy. How dare Mr. DeLay claim the other ethics charges made against him are mere "partisan attacks" when his complete lack of ethics was so vividly displayed in his recent actions? Possibly because of Mr. DeLay's complete contempt for our collective intelligence and memory?

The Republican "ethics-free" club's membership isn't limited to Tom DeLay, either. The rest of the Republican noise machine tried to blame the courts for this sorry affair. Congress specifically considered and rejected putting an automatic "temporary restraining order" in the "Passion of the Terri" law. Under black letter law, this made it inappropriate for a federal court to issue an injunction unless Terri's parents could show "substantial liklihood of success" at a subsequent trial. It seems obvious Bill Frist and his minions deliberately and maliciously designed this legislation to create false hope for Terri's parents and use the court's application of existing law as an excuse for Senator Frist to initiate the "nuclear option" of eliminating judicial nominee filibusters.

Meanwhile - the Republicans have opened Pandora's box at a national level. What happens when the radical right-to-lifers demand legislation mandating life support as a constitutional right? The insurance industry doesn't want to pay for it, and public funding requires higher taxes, bigger government and possibly the dreaded "socialized health care." Rationing a "civil right" based upon "ability to pay" opens the dreaded "class warfare" issue.

Which special,interest group will the Republicans sell out? I guess it depends upon moral issues - like the polling numbers and the campaign donation levels forming Grover Nordquist's "values."


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