Thursday, March 17, 2005


Tell the World Your Thoughts on Wolfowitz

Post your thoughts on BBC's comments page:How will Wolfowitz run the World Bank?

It doesn't look as though the rest of the world is too thrilled about this appointment, either:

Dismay at Wolfowitz's nomination
BBC News
March 17, 2005

French and German ministers were guarded in their reaction, while Sweden's foreign minister said she was sceptical about the nomination.

"The enthusiasm in old Europe is not exactly overwhelming," said German Foreign Minister Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul.
Some World Bank staff and some member governments fear that Mr Wolfowitz - an advocate of the muscular spread of democracy - would use his position to change its focus from development aid to a wider political mission, the BBC's Justin Webb reports from Washington.
A British-based campaign group, the World Development Movement, described the nomination as a "truly terrifying appointment".

Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize winner and a former World Bank chief economist, said: "Choosing the right general in the war against poverty will not assure victory, but choosing the wrong one surely increases the chances of failure."
Indeed, the only supporters seem to be World Bank critics:
...World Bank critic Allan Meltzer, who chaired a US congressional committee on the bank in 2000, said Mr Wolfowitz was well qualified for the job.

Personally, I'm surprised Mr. Bush didn't nominate people with banking experience, like Ahmed Chalabi, Charles Keating, or Neil Bush


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