Thursday, April 14, 2005


Burglars Knife Tenant-Landlord Evicts Victim for Bleeding on the Rug

No good deed goes unpunished:
Attackers cut throat of Good Samaritan

...When (Alf) awoke in the Intensive Care Unit, he had 44 stitches on the outside of his body and 37 titanium staples in his chest and head. He had cuts and deep bruises all over his body.
When he was released from the hospital, Alf learned he had been victimized once again. His landlord, Curtis West, had posted an eviction notice on the door and had informed his family that Alf's first and last month's rent and his deposit would not be returned. West said he is withholding the money because of damage done to the apartment as a result of the attack, citing the blood on the carpet, the broken window, and the curtains the police took as evidence. Adding insult to injury, the landlord took Alf's cat to the pound.

Source: Seattle Gay News April 8, 2005.(Emphasis added)
I wonder whether the landlord's actions were motivated by Alf being gay?


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