Friday, April 08, 2005


Culture of Life Ignores Death in the Hood

Bush's marketing phrase "Culture of Life" claims to wear the gleaming pure white of righteousness. Alas, this philosophy resembles a lace doily - noticeable more for its many holes than for its coverage of an issue.

Bob Herbert's opinion column Black, Dead and Invisible in today's New York Times does not mention the "Culture of Life." He merely comments on the increasing number of innocents gunned in our streets, and the lack of media coverage surrounding their deaths. If Terri Schiavo's life warranted special legislation - why doesn't Congress act on these killings?

Advocating the death penalty for minors, ignoring routine shootings of brown people - maybe they should change the phrase to "Culture of Life (for Rich White People)." My apologies in advance for mentioning dirty words like "reality" when discussing Republican talking points.


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