Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Did Limbaugh Broadcast Exploit Ohio Rape Case?

The blog Feministing reports on Ohio high school school officials trying to cover up an on-campus rape:
A high school principal in Columbus, Ohio was recently fired for failing to report allegations that a 16-year-old special ed student was assaulted in the school’s gym.

A group of four boys videotaped themselves as they forced the girl to perform oral sex and punched her in the face. Even though she told her teacher minutes after the incident occurred, school administrators delayed in calling the girl’s father. They then asked her father not to call the police.

The administrators later told police that after having viewed the videotape, they concluded that the sexual acts were consensual.

This apparently happened on or around March 9, 2005:
Principal Fired For Not Calling Police About Sexual Assault
Crenshaw Placed On Unpaid Leave

UPDATED: 5:01 pm EDT April 6, 2005

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A Columbus high school principal was fired for failing to call police after learning that a female student had been sexually assaulted by four male students in the school auditorium.
Superintendent Gene Harris said police, the parents, children's services and school district administrators should have been notified immediately about the assault on March 9.

Atrios recently posted a Rush Limbaugh show transcript from April 12 in which Mr. Limbaugh apparently said: "What the hell is the point of view of young people? Blow jobs, that's what they're doing out there. They're out there getting oral sex all day long..."

Atrios suggests complaining to the FCC about Mr. Limbaugh's offensive "blow job" comments. I wonder whether Mr. Limbaugh also [Updated]glorifies raping makes fun of the disabled underaged women on his show? Were the alleged Ohio rapists "ditto-heads?" Shouldn't Rush at least apologise to his Ohio listeners for his comments?

[Update: yeah, Limbaugh wasn't glorifying blow jobs on his show the other day - quite - but can't you almost Rush's young male listeners giving Rush a big "Hell, yeah" when they heard those comments? If Mr. Limbaugh has also been making derogatory comments about the mentally disabled, the link between the Ohio attack and Limbaugh-style radio should at least make folks blaming "Hollywood Popular Culture" for all society's ills uncomfortable.

And I do think there's a link between trash-talking AM radio hosts and violent actions by their listeners. Not that Limbaugh's evil brain-wave manipulator sends hypnotized ditto-headed zombies into the streets, more that people listening to this garbage enter into a "group think" mentality where, say, using force to show your power against a despised scapegoat group seems a reasonable thing.

The Nazis used this against the Jews, and I expect the Romans used the same strategy (but different media) against the Carthaginians. It's still disgusting, though.]


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