Monday, April 18, 2005


No Muslims in Bush League's Muslim Outreach Program

Condi Rice stops printing the report on world terrorism to cover up The Bush League's failures. Equating "covering up" with "doing something useful" - The Bush League decided there's no urgency about, say, improving our image among Muslims:
U.S. Outreach to Islamic World Gets Slow Start, Minus Leaders
Effort Involves No Muslims; Hughes Will Not Arrive Until Fall

By Robin Wright and Al Kamen
Washington Post Staff Writers
Monday, April 18, 2005; Page A02

The Bush administration's outreach to the Islamic world is in no hurry. And it includes no Muslims.
"...anti-American sentiments can increase foreign public support for terrorism directed at Americans, impact the cost and effectiveness of military operations, weaken the United States' ability to align with other nations in pursuit of common policy objectives, and dampen foreign publics' enthusiasm for U.S. business services and products," the report warned.

Despite the administration's repeated pledges of outreach, the State Department's main program directed at the Islamic world has no Muslim staff, U.S. officials say. "There's a dearth of Muslims in the State Department generally," a senior State Department official said. Like Powell, who is Egyptian American, most Arabs in the administration are Christians, sources said.
If W gets his way, we'll soon have the golden throated oratory of John Bolton to sooth tensions and calm down nations opposed to US policy. Isn't that reassuring?


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