Tuesday, April 12, 2005


The Perfect Storm for the Perfect Sh*thead

Sometimes I think I'm too negative - then I read something making me realize things are even worse than I thought. How paranoid is it to think China may be accumulating US debt so as to destroy our economy just before invading Taiwan?

First read this post from Lawyers, Guns and Money:
Chinese Military Preparation

Very solid article in Friday's NYT on China's increasing military prowess. China is making a remarkably rational set of upgrades to its air and naval forces. The focus of Chinese attention remains the conquest of Taiwan
The NY Times article states:
Even the most hawkish officials at the Pentagon do not believe China is preparing for an imminent invasion of Taiwan. Nor do analysts believe China is any match for the United States military. But as neighboring North Korea is erratically trying to play the nuclear card, China is quietly challenging America's reach in the western Pacific by concentrating strategically on conventional forces.

"They are building their force to deter and delay our ability to intervene in a Taiwan crisis," said Eric McVadon, a former military attaché at the United States Embassy in Beijing. "What they have done is cleverly develop some capabilities that have the prospect of attacking our niche vulnerabilities."
Source: New York Times Chinese Navy Buildup Gives Pentagon New Worries April 8, 2005. (Emphasis added.)
Today's Washington Post article China Builds a Smaller, Stronger Military includes the wonderful dividends we're getting from Donald "Old Europe" Rumsfeld's pre-Iraq invasion diplomacy:
...China has been testing use of Global Positioning System devices to guide its cruise missiles but remains some time away from deploying such technology.

Buying such electronic equipment would be China's most likely objective if the European Union goes ahead with plans to lift its arms sales embargo despite objections from Washington, a senior European diplomat in Beijing said.
Speaking of "niche vulnerabilities" reminded me of someone holding a worrisome amount of US debt:
China also raised eyebrows late last (November) after China Business News reported Beijing had cut its U.S. debt holdings. The news shook markets because China's $174 billion of Treasuries makes it the second-biggest holder after Japan...
Source: Bloomberg News Asia Draws Nearer Shocking U.S. Treasuries: William Pesek Jr. Dec. 5, 2004 (Emphasis added.)
Fortunately, George Bush has nominated as our next UN Ambassador the perfect man to ensure UN support for US positions, a man ideally suited to follow in Donald Rumsfeld's conciliatory footsteps: John (Yosemite Sam) Bolton.
Democrats repeatedly pressed Bolton, 56, to explain his criticisms of the United Nations, including those from a fiery speech about 10 years ago to the World Federalists. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) played a three-minute video clip in which Bolton said that "there's no such thing as the United Nations," and that if 10 floors of the 38-story U.N. headquarters building were eliminated, "it wouldn't make a bit of difference."

Bolton told Boxer: "What I was trying to do at that audience of World Federalists was get their attention...
Source: Washington Post Bolton Talks of Restoring Confidence in the U.N.
Yeah, the UN's credibility was sure damaged when they invaded Iraq looking for non-existent WMDs. Oh, wait, wasn't that the US? Isn't it the US that needs to repair its standing in the world?

And I can't wait to see how Ambassador Bolton plans to get the attention of UN audiences...

To sum up: when and if the fecal material impacts the rotary-bladed air circulation device in Taiwan, the guy seeking to solidify UN support for yet another US military intervention will be John Bolton. The only thing more brainless would be to put a known death squad supporter like John "Salvador Option" Negroponte in charge of the new National Intelligence office. Oh, wait...


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