Monday, April 18, 2005


Privatizing Civil War in Iraq

Somehow, this just doesn't sound very good:

Iraq militias 'could beat rebels'
By Jim Muir
BBC News, Baghdad
Iraq's new president has said the insurgency could be ended immediately if the authorities made use of Kurdish, Shia Muslim and other militias.

Jalal Talabani said this would be more effective than waiting for Iraqi forces to take over from the US-led coalition.
"We cannot wait for years and years of terrorist activity because we haven't enough government forces," the president said.
Letting the various factions' militias loose would be easy - calling them back very difficult. If this wasn't just posturing, W's brave new "democratic Iraq" won't last long. Wait until the Kurds start fighting the Shiites, and the Turks come over to "stabilize" Kurdish terroritory.


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