Sunday, April 24, 2005


Reality vs. The Bush League: Social Security

Looks as though The Bush League is getting ready to write the Charles Keating Memorial Social Security Reformation Plan:
But those same polls show support for a Social Security proposal tied to the president's name slipping to new lows. A memo released Friday by Democratic strategists Stan Greenberg and James Carville cited backing for the Bush proposal at 34 percent. "Support for the president's Social Security initiative has collapsed," the memo said. Last week's stock-market roller-coaster ride has only heightened fears about allowing workers to convert some of their traditional Social Security benefits to investment returns from stocks and bonds, Democrats say.

Such numbers have not spooked Bush. After a White House meeting with lawmakers Wednesday, the president took Rep. Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.) aside to tell him how well his "60 stops in 60 days" tour is going, Rangel recalled. Then Bush warned that voters would punish members of Congress in 2006 if they failed to act on Social Security's long-term problems.
Source: Washington Post Panel to Start Writing Social Security Bill
It sounds like The Bush League's handlers are doing a great job keeping reality away from Fearless Leader if he's making threats about how voters love his plan.

Charles Keating's Lincoln Savings tricked retired folks into moving their savings from government-insured accounts to high-yield high-risk investments. When Lincoln Savings collapsed, the only thing those folks had left was their Social Security checks. W and his Bush League minions seem determined to destroy that last safety net.


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