Monday, April 25, 2005


Soldiers Cleared in Shooting of Italian Agent

After a careful investigation, the US Army today concluded they were not to blame for this tragic death:
US troops cleared over shooting
...A US army official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Italian and US authorities still disagree over the speed at which the vehicle approached the checkpoint and how much communication there was between those in the car and the checkpoint guards.

Unfortunately, the credibility of official Pentagon investigations has dropped recently. Case in point:
Top brass cleared over Iraq abuse
...A new inquiry found no evidence of wrongdoing by Gen Sanchez and three of his top aides, US officials say.

The US army inspector general's report says only Brig Gen Janis Karpinski, commander at the jail, has been found guilty and reprimanded over the abuse.
Human rights groups have criticised the latest findings, full details of which are to be made public after members of the US Congress are briefed.

"What this decision unfortunately continues is a pattern of exoneration and indeed promotion for many of the individuals at the heart of the torture scandal," said Amnesty International spokesman Alistair Hodgett.

"It only serves to underscore the desperate need for an independent investigation that will scrutinize the policy decisions and the individuals who made and implemented them in a manner that will expose the truth," Mr Hodgett told Reuters news agency.

The ACLU's lawsuit opened up a treasure trove of information surrounding the torture scandals. Maybe they'll shed some light on the Italian intelligence officer's death as well.


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