Friday, May 13, 2005


Bait & Switch Recruiting Tactics

Can you say "stop-loss order?"
The minimum period a recruit can usually enlist for is four years.

But in an attempt to help recruiters meet their quotas, the army has announced the 15-month active service programme will be launched nationwide.
Source: BBC News US woos soldiers with early exit, May 13, 2005
Remember this from 2004?
The "stop loss" orders mean personnel who could otherwise leave the military when their volunteer commitments expire will be forced to remain to the end of their overseas deployments and up to another 90 days after they come home. "Stop movement" orders also bar soldiers from moving to new assignments during the restricted period. The orders do not extend any unit's stay overseas.
Source: Tom Squitieri, USA TODAY, Army expanding 'stop loss' order to keep soldiers from leaving, Jan 5, 2004 [Emphasis added.]
Yeah, tell me all about the "early exit" offer.


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