Thursday, May 26, 2005


Texas Democracy Only Worth $200K

The cost of doing business:
Judge Rules Against DeLay Group Official
Published: May 26, 2005

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- The treasurer of a political committee formed by U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay violated Texas election code by not reporting hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions, a judge ruled Thursday in a civil case brought by Democratic candidates.

State District Judge Joe Hart, in a letter outlining his ruling to attorneys in the case, said the money, much of it corporate contributions, should have been reported to the Texas Ethics Commission.

The ruling means Bill Ceverha, treasurer of the group, called the Texans for a Republican Majority political action committee, will have to pay nearly $200,000. It will be divided among those who brought the suit against Ceverha, five Democratic candidates who lost legislative races in 2002.
(Source: New York Times [Emphasis added.])
Pop quiz:
(1)How long will it take Mr. Ceverha's corporate buddies to come up with $200,000.00?

(2)Is control of both the Texas legislature and the US House of Representatives worth one week's salary for an average corporate CEO?
Please note this ruling means little to the criminal cases - the standard of guilt is "more likely than not" in a civil case (50.01% certain) versus "beyond reasonable doubt" (over 90% certain) in a criminal case.


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