Saturday, June 25, 2005


Bush's Hardline Actions Provoke Hardline Iranian Reaction

All those stupid liberals claiming that Bush's tough talk would result in empowering Iran's hardliners turned out to be right on the money:
Hardline vote winner vows to make Iran strong
June 25, 2005

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Ultra-conservative Tehran mayor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad swept to a stunning landslide victory in presidential elections on Saturday and immediately vowed to turn Iran into a strong and exemplary Islamic state.

His victory put in doubt Iran's fragile liberalisation process, started by outgoing reformist President Mohammad Khatami, and raised questions about whether Iran will harden its stance on its nuclear impasse with the West.
(Source: Reuters)
Another triumph for the Bush League's foreign policy! What's he going to do now - boycott oil?


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