Monday, June 13, 2005


Committee of Pots Discovers Kettles are Black - Demand Changes

The UN needs reforms, but the US isn't in a very good position to make these criticisms:
UNITED NATIONS, June 12 - A Congressionally mandated panel will report this week that the United Nations suffers from poor management, "dismal" staff morale and lack of accountability and professional ethics but will acknowledge the broad changes proposed for the organization by Secretary General Kofi Annan and urge the United States to support them.

Among its recommendations, the panel says the United Nations should put in place corporate style oversight bodies and personnel standards to improve performance. It also calls on the United Nations to create a rapid reaction capability from its member states' armed forces to prevent genocide, mass killing and sustained major human rights violations before they occur.
(Source: Warren Hoge, New York Times U.S. Panel's Report Criticizes U.N. and Proposes Overhaul June 13, 2005)
"Corporate-style management systems" like the highly effective systems employed by Custer Battles? Maybe the UN should hire Paul Bremer as a consultant - he sure got the Coalition Provisional Authority running well in Iraq:
Iraq is becoming 'free fraud' zone
Corruption in Iraq under US-led CPA may dwarf UN oil-for-food scandal.
By Tom Regan

A former senior advisor to the US-led Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), which ran Iraq until the election of an interim Iraq government last January, says that the US government's refusal to prosecute US firms accused of corruption in Iraq is turning the country into a "free fraud zone."
(Source: Christian Science Monitor, April 7, 2005. [emphasis added.])
Maybe that's not fair, though - maybe the committee wants the UN to model itself on a Fortune 500 company - like General Motors...


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