Sunday, June 26, 2005


Kristof Sounds Like Krugman

I wonder how many more times people will state the very obvious before the Republicans start worrying more about our nation than about their party's donors?
A Glide Path to Ruin
Published: June 26, 2005

The biggest risk we Americans face to our way of life and our place in the world probably doesn't come from Al Qaeda or the Iraq war.

Rather, the biggest risk may come from this administration's fiscal recklessness and the way this is putting us in hock to China.
Mr. Walker, America's watchdog in chief and head of the Government Accountability Office, is no Bush-basher. He started out his career as a conservative Democrat, then became a moderate Republican and has been an independent since 1997.

Now he's running around with his hair on fire, shrieking about America's finances. Well, as much as any accountant ever shrieks.
President Bush has excoriated the "death tax," as he calls the estate tax. But his profligacy will leave every American child facing a "birth tax" of about $150,000.

That's right: every American child arrives owing that much, partly to babies in China and Japan. No wonder babies cry.
(Source: New York Times)
I guess nobody will start worrying until this financial Titanic hits a Chinese iceberg, and we all suddenly realize W and his Bush League minions sold the lifeboats for cash to prop up Fearless Leader's Excellent Iraq Adventure.


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