Thursday, June 09, 2005


More Bushwa From The Bush League's Anonymous Players

Why do otherwise reputable news organizations keep reporting controversial allegations based upon a single anonymous source? Case in point:
"These are threats against some of the most prominent Lebanese political leaders. The purpose would be to create instability and to create internal strife," a senior administration official said. After a brief lull in Syrian interference in Lebanon, senior Syrian intelligence personnel have been seen back in Lebanon, particularly over the past week, the official added.
The senior administration official said that a "variety of credible Lebanese sources" had said Damascus has developed a "hit list" of senior Lebanese political leaders, and that the sources had reported seeing "familiar figures" from Syrian intelligence back in Lebanon. "There are efforts by Syrians to put back in place the system of intimidation," he added.
(Source: Washington Post U.S. Wary Of Syria Targeting Lebanese June 10, 2005
I wonder which Ahmed Chalabi wanna-be supplied this information to Mr./Ms. "Senior Official." Or maybe "Curveball" is back on the Bush League's team?

The sad thing is, these stories may even be true - but W's Bush League minions have played too fast and too loose with the truth to be considered a credible source regarding anyone they may want to invade.


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