Saturday, June 04, 2005


Reality vs. The Bush League: Taliban Resurgent

Looks like W and his Bush League minions were a bit too optimistic when they declared victory in Afghanistan:
During the last six months, American and Afghan officials have predicted the collapse of the Taliban, the hard-line Islamists thrown out of power by American forces in 2001, citing their failure to disrupt the presidential election last October and a lack of activity last winter.

But the intensity of the fighting here in Zabul Province, and in parts of adjoining Kandahar and Uruzgan Provinces - roughly 100 square miles of mountain valleys in all - reveals the Taliban to be still a vibrant fighting force supplied with money, men and weapons.
(Source: New York Times Despite Years of U.S. Pressure, Taliban Fight On in Jagged Hills, June 4, 2005)
The Taliban came to power fighting corrupt warlords after foreign occupiers withdrew - it sounds like they're planning a repeat performance.


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