Saturday, July 09, 2005


Bush League's Anti-Terror Strategy Fails Big-Time

Looks like W's latest "fight them in Iraq rather than in our own backyards" excuse for the Iraq War has been as big a failure as his other policies:
A classified CIA report issued in May warned that Iraq was becoming an urban-terror training ground for Iraqis and foreign Arab nationals who are expected to return at some point to their home countries, including Europe.

But Zarqawi's group may already be sending European-recruited insurgents back to the West to carry out attacks, the counterterrorism official said.

"It's essentially a two-way pipeline," the official said.

"Given that Zarqawi is interested in having people carry out attacks in the West, they can be turned around because they come with documentation and credentials where they can be redirected back into the continent of Europe."
(Source: Reuters US official sees Zarqawi spectre in London attacks, July 8, 2005 [emphasis added.])
It used to be Al Qaeda had to spend money building and running training camps. Now, they just use Iraq as a combination training camp and research lab. I wonder how much longer they'll wait before they come over here and give us the benefit of all W and his Bush League minions have helped teach them?


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