Friday, July 08, 2005


Not With a Bang, but a Whimper

Jeb Bush, unlike Captain Ahab, finally gives up his quest for revenge:
McCabe based his recommendations to Gov. Bush on a report by investigators that found that there was no indication of culpability and that Michael Schiavo's actions following her collapse appeared consistent with a distraught spouse trying to save his wife's life.

"Without proof of criminal agency, there can be no hope of prosecution," the investigators concluded.
(Source: Reuters Governor Bush gives up pursuit of Schiavo case July 8, 2005 [emphasis added])
Coincidentally, this news came out on a Friday after a major news story broke. I guess Jeb decided he didn't have to wait until his brother announced a Supreme Court nominee before making his decision, what with the London bombing pushing the Schiavo story's final episode to the back pages...


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