Friday, October 28, 2005


Bush Environmental Plan: Spend As Little as Possible

Notice how the Bush plan requires that the entire energy industry spend less on pollution controls than they do now on CEO salary/benefit packages alone:
Using the impact of various proposals by 2010 as an example, the E.P.A. estimated that the administration plan would cost $2.8 billion in spending for new emission controls and generate up to $78 billion in reduced health care costs. The Carper bill would cost industry $10.5 billion and create health care savings of up to $128 billion, and the Jeffords bill would cost industry $41.1 billion with projected health care savings of up to $162 billion.

The health benefits might even be higher because they reflect only estimated decreases in sulfur dioxide, which is soot, and nitrogen oxides, which form smog.
(Source: New York Times E.P.A. Backs Bush Plan to Cut Air Pollution by Power Plants


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