Saturday, November 12, 2005


Another Bush Lie Exposed

Newsweek reports on one of Mr. Bush's classic lies. Back when they thought the journalists would keep the political version of the mob's "omerta" code of silence, they said:
... on Bush's behalf, McClellan in 2003 said that any staffer found to have been "involved" in the leak would be booted.
Now, of course, Mr. Bush is breaking that promise:
Briefly facing American reporters, Bush fielded only five questions. But four were on a single issue: the fate of Karl Rove, his top White House aide, who has been named—but not indicted—in the federal leak probe. Bush gave lawyerlike answers. "The investigation on Karl, as you know, is not complete," he said, "and, therefore, I will not comment about him and/or the investigation."
(Source: Newsweek Wherever Bush travels, questions about Rove follow, Nov. 14, 2005.)
Mr. Bush's deference to the investigation fails to explain why his position changed from firing staffers "involved" in the Plame affair to those "convicted" of illegal activities.

Karl Rove's grand jury testimony establishes Mr. Rove's "involvement" in publicizing Valerie Plame's CIA status. Scott McClellan said anyone "involved" would be fired. Was Mr. McClellan lying then or is Mr. Bush breaking his word to the American people now?

Mr. Bush apparently feels that loyalty to his minions outweighs his duty of honesty to the voters. Small wonder there's so much cronyism and corruption coming to light - Mr. Bush seems to prize such "values" above honesty and fair-dealing.


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