Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Blame It On the Dick

According to the BBC, Dick "Torture Boy" Cheney may get thrown to the wolves:

There is a feeling on the part of the president, according to people very close to him, that the president got unwise political advice and rosy predictions of how a war and post-war in Iraq would play out
Tom DeFrank
(Source; BBC News Tough times for US vice-president, Nov. 14, 2005.)
Sounds like Mr. Cheney's political enemies are setting him up to resign to put in the annointed 2008 candidate er, I meanto spend more time with his family, no, I really meant for health reasons.

It also sounds like Condoleeza Rice may succeed at a task where Colin "Colon" Powell failed, breaking the Cheney/Rumsfeld grip on foreign policy and letting some reality in:
"There is also some feeling on the part, not only of the president but also some of his closest political advisers, that the Cheney national security operation got a little too ambitious and became too independent of the Bush and state department national security apparatus, and some aides very close to the president are determined that that will not continue."
Unfortunately for W, his Bush League minions don't want to go down in history as being the ones to blame for the worst presidency in this country's history. Rumsfeld, for example, is polishing his CYA memos off and ready to rumble. All we need to do is keep the pressure on, and they'll turn on each other like petty criminals in a cheap police drama.


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