Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Bush vs. Reality: These Polls Matter

From the BBC:
Democrats in US rack up victories
President George Bush's Republicans have fared badly in state and local polls, losing races across the US.

Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger was defeated on a raft of proposals that would have made sweeping changes in California.

Democrats held onto the governorships of New Jersey and Virginia, where President Bush personally entered the fray to support a Republican candidate.

Only in New York City did a Republican do well, with Mayor Michael Bloomberg winning re-election by a large margin.
A billionaire who founded the Bloomberg financial news service, he spent up to $100m of his own money in his re-election campaign.
(Source: BBC News, Nov. 9,2005. [Emphasis in original.])
Maybe voters in the US aren't happy about setting up secret prison systems, torturing suspects, enacting the American Taliban's political dream list, etc.


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