Thursday, November 03, 2005


More Rats Desert Sinking Bush Yacht of State

Too bad we weren't hearing this in 2004:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States risks losing sight of some key foreign policy issues, including relations with China and the Muslim world, because of its "single-minded focus" on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a former senior Pentagon official said.

"We have to put the search radar on again for the rest of the world," said Suzanne Patrick, who resigned as defense undersecretary for industrial policy in July.
Patrick blasted the Pentagon's management of its biggest weapons programs, saying the Defense Acquisition Board tends to look at individual weapons programs rather than taking a broader view of the military's ability to fight and win wars.

"At no point is the enterprise truly managed," she added.
(Source: Reuters Iraq focus imperils US, ex-Pentagon official says Nov. 2, 2005.)
Not that this wasn't obvious before, but why wasn't it being covered until after Hurricane Katrina?


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