Saturday, November 19, 2005


Outsourcing Goebbels

Tom Tomorrow's web site linked to this must-read article:
Rendon is a leader in the strategic field known as "perception management," manipulating information -- and, by extension, the news media -- to achieve the desired result. His firm, the Rendon Group, has made millions off government contracts since 1991, when it was hired by the CIA to help "create the conditions for the removal of Hussein from power." Working under this extraordinary transfer of secret authority, Rendon assembled a group of anti-Saddam militants, personally gave them their name -- the Iraqi National Congress -- and served as their media guru and "senior adviser" as they set out to engineer an uprising against Saddam. It was as if President John F. Kennedy had outsourced the Bay of Pigs operation to the advertising and public-relations firm of J. Walter Thompson.
(Source: Rolling Stone The Man Who Sold the War - Meet John Rendon, Bush's general in the propaganda war)
So the Iraqi National Congress was created out of whole cloth by a CIA-funded PR firm during the Bush-1 Administration? The CIA ran a secret disinformation campaign to topple Saddam Hussein - and when the lies got too outrageous for them, Cheney brought in Doug Feith to finish the job from the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans?


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