Friday, November 18, 2005


Pond Scum Pretending to be Patriots

Sounds like using fake patriotism as a shield for corruption isn't limited to the White House:
He said that while many occupation officials had come to Iraq for legitimately patriotic reasons, it was obvious that others had different goals. "My impression was that there were a lot of unscrupulous people pretending to be patriots there who were trying to get contracts for their friends," Mr. Dwight said.
Source: New York Times Issuing Contracts, Ex-Convict Took Bribes in Iraq, U.S. Says, Nov. 18, 2005 [emphasis added])
Another interesting question is how a convicted felon got a job handing out government contracts in the first place:
A North Carolina man who was charged yesterday with accepting kickbacks and bribes as a comptroller and financial officer for the American occupation authority in Iraq was hired despite having served prison time for felony fraud in the 1990's.
(Ex-Convict Took Bribes in Iraq.)
I wonder how many al Qaida operatives got hired by the Bush Administration to run the C.P.A. due to a failure to run background checks?


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