Friday, November 25, 2005


Reality vs. The Bush League: The Chalabi Diaries

Here's an interesting quote:
Cheney poked his finger in Powell's chest outside a principals meeting in the White House, according to a senior administration official, and yelled: "It's all YOUR fault. If you had let us put Chalabi in charge none of this would have happened."
(Source: Joseph Galloway Knight Ridder Washington Bureau `Dishonest and reprehensible' words from Dick Cheney, Nov. 23, 2005.
Bringing "democracy" to the Middle East by installing yet another CIA-created puppet?
Working under this extraordinary transfer of secret authority, Rendon assembled a group of anti-Saddam militants, personally gave them their name -- the Iraqi National Congress -- and served as their media guru and "senior adviser" as they set out to engineer an uprising against Saddam. It was as if President John F. Kennedy had outsourced the Bay of Pigs operation to the advertising and public-relations firm of J. Walter Thompson.
(Source: Rolling Stone The Man Who Sold the War - Meet John Rendon, Bush's general in the propaganda war [emphasis added.])
Maybe the reason why democracy hasn't taken off in the Middle East is because W and his Bush League minions think "democracy" means "US-installed puppet dictatorship." This used to work in the 1950s - and it would have kept working, too if it weren't for those darned 1960s student activists.


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