Friday, November 25, 2005


Rove's Anonymous Phone Calls?

Yeah, and the Richard Nixon Used Car Emporium is having a sale this weekend...
Iraqi Official Says He Received Call From Resistance Leader
Published: November 25, 2005

BAGHDAD, Iraq, Nov. 25 - A senior aide to Iraq's president said today that some insurgent groups had contacted him to discuss joining in the American-backed political process.
Because of the sketchy details provided by the general, it was difficult to assess the significance of the calls. In the last year, some politicians have announced that they were in touch with various insurgent groups, only to have serious doubts later raised about the importance and legitimacy of those contacts.

One notable example involved Aiham al-Samarraie, the former electricity minister, who asserted months ago that he was talking to several insurgent groups. The groups he named then posted statements on Web sites calling Mr. Samarraie a liar and demanding that he be killed. Mr. Samarraie, who is running for Parliament in the Dec. 15 elections, still says he has ties to certain factions in the insurgency.
I'll believe it when the insurgents contact al Jazeera, and not before. (Much like I'd immediately believe Bill O'Reilly if he announced he had proof that Bush wanted to bomb al Jazeera's offices in Qatar.)


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