Sunday, November 27, 2005


A System of Men, Not Laws

Because you can't have freedom and a justice system based on the "rule of law" unless you also maintain the right to ignore those principles whenever they're inconvenient:
The government says a secret and unilateral decision-making process is necessary because of the nature of the evidence it deals with. Officials described the approach as a practical one that weighs a mix of often-sensitive factors.

"Much thought goes into how and why various tools are used in these often complicated cases," Tasia Scolinos, a Justice Department spokeswoman, said on Friday. "The important thing is for someone not to come away thinking this whole process is arbitrary, which it is not."
(Source: New York Times In Terror Cases, Administration Sets Own Rules, Nov. 27, 2005.)
In other words, the Bush Administration feels that grabbing anyone they want, anywhere they want, questioning them via torture and imprisoning them without appeal is fully justified by the simple phrase: "Trust Us, We're The Government."


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