Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Why Real Americans Oppose Torture

Yeah, what he says:
Posted on Wed, Nov. 09, 2005


It's time for Bush to quote McCain: `We do not do torture'


Knight Ridder Newspapers

...A recent news report that the Central Intelligence Agency has been stashing high-value al-Qaeda prisoners in secret jails in Eastern Europe, jails built by and once operated by the Soviet KGB, only intensifies the debate and the need to tell the world that we do not torture prisoners.

The first reaction on Capitol Hill was to call for an investigation of how the information on those secret prisons leaked to the press - when instead the lawmakers should be demanding an investigation of precisely how this American gulag was created and on whose orders.

What are we doing creating a prison system into which a prisoner disappears, perhaps for life, with no trial, no conviction, no legal protection, no nothing? And no one will ever know he is in there or his name.

Once we begin doing this to foreigners, how long until we are willing to do it to American citizens? When do we start suspending habeas corpus and all those other protections for individual Americans in the name of some greater need, as determined by political leaders?
Read the whole thing - and shove it down the pro-torture "Bush only does it to really bad people overseas" crowd.


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