Friday, November 25, 2005


Winning Hearts and Minds

Why do they hate America? Here's the news from Bahrain:
But although Mr Al Nuaimi knew he was being released, he said his ordeal in captivity did not end until the moment he stepped off the plane that brought him to Bahrain.

He claimed he was denied a shower on his last day in captivity, was not allowed to use the toilet in private on the plane, had his ankles and wrists shackled with handcuffs chained to his waist during the journey and made to wear goggles to block his vision and hearing.
"On the night before coming home, I needed a bath because I couldn't pray before I bathed," he said.

"But when I asked the guard, they refused to let me have a shower. They said 'today is not the day for showers'.

"I said: 'Are you trying to fight my religion? You're stopping me from praying because you're stopping me from showering'.

"All human beings need showers every day. There's no such thing as 'this is not a shower day'.

"So I had to take a shower in my cell, getting everything wet."
Mr Al Nuaimi said he did not eat or drink throughout the flight because he could not use the toilet, which he said detainees were being forced to do in front of cameras and under observation.

After asking, Mr Al Nuaimi said he was taken to the toilet by guards, but claimed he was being photographed and watched.

He said he could see flashes of light reflected off the lenses of his goggles coming from the side of the plane where he had previously seen people sitting.

"I felt like my bladder was going to explode," he said.

"The people were in front of me and they wanted me to go to the toilet in front of everyone.

"I yelled: 'Do you think that we are animals?'
In addition, he claimed that detainees were assaulted during the flight.

"Throughout the whole journey, every five or 10 minutes, soldiers would come up and jump on us with their full weight, pulling the shackles on our legs and checking our hands," he said.

"They claimed they wanted to be sure we were not going to escape and that we were secured."

When he asked for tissue to wipe his eyes when they started watering, he said he was at first allowed, but later refused for "security reasons".

In addition, he said that the guards were unable to take off the detainees' handcuffs when they got here because there was a problem with the keys.

"They are professionals at putting people in cages, but don't know how to let them out," he said.
(Source: Gulf Daily News I was sad to leave my friends behind, Nov 26, 2005.)
How many recruits did al Qaida pick up from that one article?


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