Thursday, December 01, 2005


Attack of the Folks Formerly Known As Insurgents

The folks Don Rumsfeld tells us don't deserve to be called "insurgents" are so despirate, they're stepping up their attacks:
Insurgent 'attack' on Iraqi city
BBC News
Dec. 1, 2005

Insurgents attacked US bases and government offices in Ramadi, in central Iraq, and then dispersed throughout the city, reports say.

Heavily-armed insurgents fired mortars and rockets at the buildings and then occupied several main streets, residents told news agencies.
(US Marines spokesman)Captain Pool accused the militants of exaggerating the scale of the attack.

"This is clearly a sign of how desperate insurgents have become," he said.
Residents told the Reuters news agency earlier that hundreds of heavily armed men in masks had for a time patrolled the main streets of the city and set up checkpoints...


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