Friday, December 16, 2005


What Liberal Media Bias???

President Bush has admitted defeat in Dick Cheney's plan to keep torture legal. However, many of the "liberal" media's headline writers portrayed Mr. Bush's defeat on this issue either neutrally or as a "deal on torture" with McCain. Reading the article gave the true picture in most cases, but folks just scanning the headlines wouldn't realize that a Republican Congress handed their Republican President a major policy defeat.

Here's a sampling of the headlines:
Christian Science Monitor: Congress moves toward clear policy against torture (The article doesn't seem to mention how bitterly "Darth" Cheney fought against McCain's bill.

Reuters: White House, McCain in deal on torture measure (What deal? The president was forced to accept McCain's bill after bitterly opposing it.)

Associated Press: Deal on Torture Clears Way for Defense Bills (Nothing to see here, move on...)

New York Times: President Backs McCain Measure on Inmate Abuse (That's funny - didn't he oppose it until just recently?)

BBC: White House backs torture ban law (after fighting it for weeks...)
Some newspapers crafted headlines accurately portraying the Cheney/Bush administration's defeat on this issue:

Washington Post: President Relents, Backs Torture Ban

L.A. Times: McCain Wins Agreement From Bush on Torture Ban

Chicago Tribune: Bush OKs McCain's torture ban
President reverses opposition to amendment against `cruel, inhuman, degrading' tactics


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