Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Abramoff Scandal Linked to Delay's K Street Project

Here's the message that needs to be repeated endlessly into the public's ears (like "Stepford" Scott McClellan at a press conference.)
Abramoff was among the lobbyists most closely associated with the K Street Project, which was initiated by his friend Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), now the former House majority leader, once the GOP vaulted to power. It was an aggressive program designed to force corporations and trade associations to hire more GOP-connected lobbyists in what at times became an almost seamless relationship between Capitol Hill lawmakers and some firms that sought to influence them.
(Source: Washington Post Case Bringing New Scrutiny To a System and a Profession, Jan 4, 2005 [emphasis added.])
Abramoff's key role in Tom DeLay's K-Street Project gives a nice, one-sentence response to the Republican propagandists squealing about alleged democratic inviolvement in this scandal. Tell us all about how a project designed to push Democrats out of the lobbying industry was influenced by Democrats...


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