Friday, January 06, 2006


Another Rat Jumps the Bush League's Ship

Daily Kos blogger SusanG notes that Bremer Says U.S. Didn't Expect Iraqi Insurgency. This is almost as weird as Reuters putting the story in their 'Entertainment" section because it came out in the course of an interview plugging Bremer's new book. Here's a link to the Reuters story:
Bremer says US did not expect insurgency in Iraq
Fri Jan 6, 2006 5:00 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Paul Bremer, who led the U.S. civilian occupation authority in Iraq after the 2003 invasion, has admitted the United States did not anticipate the insurgency in the country, NBC Television said on Friday.

Bremer, interviewed by the network in connection with release of his book on Iraq, recounted the decision to disband the Iraqi army quickly after arriving in Baghdad, a move many experts consider a major miscalculation.

When asked who was to blame for the subsequent Iraqi rebellion, in which thousands of Iraqis and Americans have died, Bremer said "we really didn't see the insurgency coming," the network said in a news release.
Bremer said he raised his concerns about the numbers and quality of forces with President George W. Bush, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and senior military officials.

But he told NBC "there was a tendency by people in the Pentagon to exaggerate the capability of the Iraqi forces and I felt it was not likely we would have professionally trained forces to allow us to withdraw American forces in the spring of 2004."

Asked if he believes he did everything he could do in Iraq, Bremer replied, "I believe I did everything I could do ... The president, in the end, is responsible for making decisions," the network reported.
Wow, Bremer even blames President Bush - I guess those rumors about Lucifer opening up a ski resort in the Alternative Destination might be true...


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